I know I should introduce myself first of all, but I’m currently not really wanting to. I got a lot of work done yesterday on my web shop — even found someone that has a paypal compatible shopping cart that is only 10 bucks a year. The REAL PayPal one sucks. I am making cat toys and beds and stuff. Here is Bixby attacking a bed with wild abandon. I just don’t do enough with wild abandon anymore. *sigh* Here is my little Ringo punkin reaching for a toy.

Megan is defending her thesis today. I am going to go sit and wait while she’s in there. It is going to go fine, but I wish she didn’t have all this stress. Yipes! We are leaving now aparently.

Well, since it is now night and I never got this submitted, Megan passed her exams. My little girl is all grown up.

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