What a crapola day. Things sucked at work today. I was all headachy and things were stressful and uncooperative. Thank goodness for retail therapy. I dropped Meggie off at work and then hit JoAnne’s. That place is a sucking vortex of fuzzy material. I spent a ton, but when I thought about it, I didn’t spend more than I’ve made in the past week or so and I bought enough material to make quite a few beds. I went specifically to buy material that I already had so that I wouldn’t have to take more pictures, etc. They only had the confetti cat and one of the starry ones. I bought geckos and purple fleece and a couple of retro polka dotty things. Between the retail therapy and the Excedrin, I feel a lot better. *sigh*

OK, plan for tonight. 1) Wash new fabric, 2) get packages ready to go out tomorrow, 3) check out the TV programming (I think it sucks on Tues, tho), 4) distractedly contemplate dissertation, 5) possibly watch Goonies , 6) pick up the little chicken at 9, 7) dinner…, 8) decorate tree

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