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Dante CirclesAre you using it?  I’m really enjoying the coziness of it.  It doesn’t have all of the wacky overwhelmingness of Facebook.  I like the possibilities provided by the circles, although I am typically of the belief that one shouldn’t put anything on the internet that they don’t want the world to see.

I’ve had an amusing week or so because someone put me in a SWTOR group and shared it.  Until this happened, I didn’t even know that SWTOR is a new Star Wars MMORPG that may or may not be in beta right now.   I’ve had quite a few people randomly add me, of these, I’ve added some back.  I mean, honestly, in a venn diagram these SWTOR peeps and I have quite a bit of overlap.  Checking out all of these people and the diversity of their profiles and posts (or lack thereof), it has inspired me to put together a little bit on how to make new friends on Google+.

#1 – Upload a freaking picture.  I don’t care if it is you, your dog, your neighbor’s dog or what, but if you don’t have a picture to represent yourself in some way, you basically don’t exist in my mind.  Even if I have to think about you as “purple turtle guy,” I want to be able to recognize you by sight.  Even better, upload 5 pictures so your little profile montage gets filled.

#2 – Fill in your profile.  It doesn’t have to be detailed.  Additionally, you need to make sure your profile is public.  Some folks have their info locked down so tightly that I can’t see their profile page at all.  Why add me if you are not going to share anything with me.  That’s kinda creepy.

#3 – Make some posts public.  I know people are all super-psyched about this circle thing, but if you put ALL of your posts in circles, then nobody new can see what you are talking about.  Sure, you might be awesome, but only the 32 people in your X circle or the 213 people in your Y circle that you share with know it.  If you want new people to find you, post publicly so your posts are searchable.

#4 – Reply to people’s posts.  If you think someone is cool or your like their post, give it a +1 or a comment.  Social media is all about the interaction and people aren’t posting to hear themselves talk.  I’ve also found that when I reply to someone, if another reader agrees, they might come and look me up.

If any of you need help getting started in Google+, I’d love to help wean you from the madness of Facebook and the constraint of Twitter.  Come and visit.

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