Yeah, I’m NaBloPoMo-ing.

NaBloPoMo 2011

I really want to get back into blogging and NaBloPoMo will hopefully get me back into the habit.  The November goal of blogging for blogging’s sake seemed appropriate.  Here are my goals:

I want to do a couple more felt-food compilation posts.  There are so many excellent tutorials out there.

I want to get some of my patterns in an electronic format and online.  Perhaps I will even make a few items so that I can put together some good tutorials.  I’m thinking challah, baked potato and broccoli to start because I haven’t seen anyone else make items like my patterns of these.  Preferences anyone?

I am trying to come up with origami-based gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season, so I might share a few of my test items.  Last year I made gift boxes.  It would be really easy to do an ornament or a wreathe.  There are so many neat patterns, but I always think it kinda sucks when you you get a decoration for a holiday as a gift on the day of the holiday.

I need to get the Halloween pics off of the camera.

I suppose that should keep me busy for a while.  Are any of you doing it this November?  I’d be happy to have a buddy.

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