American Idol Top 24 – List of names

Ok, so here are the top 24 and the little blurb that I wrote down about (most of) them to remember them.  I hope it will help you remember, too.  For the most part, if I don’t have notes about them, they are just another blonde girl.

boy Creighton Fraker lots of curls. thinks he’s a rocker
boy Joshua Ledet preacher’s son
boy Reed Grimm guy that played the drums and sang
boy Dante/Heejun Han adorable, the “Hey Jude” thing was just wrong
boy Colton Dixon he’s the one with the sister who went home
boy Phillip Phillips dumb name, really liked his voice/guitar
boy Adam Brock the guy with the baby
boy Jeremy Rosado young “nice” guy
boy Aaron Marcellus Sanders (previously seen in AI7 and 10) cutie
boy Chase Likens
boy DeAndre Brackensick (previously seen in AI10) lion mane
boy Eben Franckewitz Bieberish
girl Elise Testone
girl Hallie Day freasishly blonde
girl Jen Hirsh (previously seen in AI9) Dark-haired warbler
girl Chelsea Sorrell (previously seen in AI10) brown haired county girl
girl Erika Van Pelt
girl Baylie Brown (previously seen in AI6) blonde country girl
girl Jessica Sanchez
girl Brielle Von Hugel (previously seen in AI10) the one with the obnoxious Mom
girl Shannon Magrane hot, humid and happening
girl Skylar Laine growly county girl
girl Hollie Cavanagh (previously seen in AI10)
girl Haley Johnsen

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  • The only two that stood out for me in a good way:

    Phillip Phillips = Dave Matthews

    Heejun = TV Gold, adorable, humble and hilarious. Dude may have some deep-seeded insecurities though, wonder how he’ll handle the nonsense.

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