My First Tuesday Tally

I found this group through Pinterest ( Gingerbread Girl ) and through the ravelry group “One a Day.”  The gist is that you are supposed to do one square, one row, one whatever a day.  On Tuesdays you upload a photo of your progress.  This is my first Tuesday.

I have 27 squares of my babette finished.  The unfinished one at the top will be one of the 2 with 12 rounds.  There are around 6 1/2 done on that one right now.

I am not attaching them together as a go because I think I may want to do a little hand-picking of colors to balance it out.  I’m seeing a lot of yellow right now, so I may watch to make that it doesn’t become overwhelming.  There is also lots of orange, but I like that.  I want to beef up the greens a bit.  I’m not changing the pattern (yet) to achieve this.  I will just pick squares that will accomplish the look that I want and keep making those and reassessing as I go.  Once I get to the end, I may make some “custom” squares to accomplish a look.

My goal is to have 34 by next week.

How has your week been?

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