Puzzle World Building Sets by Lights, Camera, Interaction! and Melissa and Doug

We bought an enormous box of train/car/boat stuff at Once Upon a Child a while back.  We didn’t have a train set and this one said Melissa & Doug on the bottom, so it seemed like a good deal.

When I got home, I did some research and found out that the sets were no longer being made.  It seemed that a company called “Lights, Camera, Interaction!” was possibly bought by or merged with Melissa and Doug.  I guess maybe the LCI thing could have always been a subset of of M&D, I’m not sure.  The series is called Puzzle World.  At first I thought we had all of the sets, but now I know there is something with a barn and something with a helicopter that we don’t have.  I think we have 4 sets, but there may be some extra track and I couldn’t because there are so many pieces.

There is the train set, called “Ramblin’ Railway.”  Here is a picture of the box that I got from the Sea of Toys Angelfire website.  The big feature of this one is the arch (which is the same arch from the Arched Bridge Set).:

Another one from that same website is the Big City Adventure.  The big features in this one are the really tall city hall and the drawbridge with the working crank.

The last set is is Dock’n Discover set that features boats, water and harbor pieces.  I found a picture of it from Little Kids Stuff.

This is neat because you can use the crank to magnetically pick up and move the cargo and the fish.  A pic from our set:

Another shot of the sea wall.

We have a roundabout and some buildings with tops like these, so we must also have this set that someone (catlovergail) at Ebay calls Skyscraper Roundabout.  Here is the picture that I lifted from their ad.

The main reason that I wanted to put this post together is because I had such a hard time figuring out what went together and how.  A lot of the buildings were not glued anymore and so it was confusing.  Maybe they weren’t supposed to be glued and the previous owners tried unsuccessfully to glue it together.  I used the above pictures as guides and tried to assemble some of the pieces back together.  I’m hoping that this will help some other parents out there who are trying to figure out what goes where.

First of all, the boat.  This one was easy because there was an exploded shot up at Little Kids Stuff.  Note the three flat pieces.  The yellow, black and red one is a vertical door to keep the cargo in.  The plain one with the red (helipad?) mark fits between the two crew areas on the top.  The last one which is not painted at all, but has grooves and 2 pegs is the roof on the boat.

Here is a top view from our boat:


I cropped this out of someone’s (dudlbg06) Ebay post.  The train can go over or you can wind the drawbridge up and the boat can go under.

Here are some pics from our set of the drawbridge:

Arched Bridge:

The train can go over.  You can put water or road underneath.  This pic is also cropped from that Ebay post:

Here is our arch assembled:

Here are the Town Hall pieces according to the package, but I guess you could assemble any of the buildings however you want.

I hope that these pics help you.  If you have any more tips, clear pictures or instructions, I’d appreciate them.


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  • Just wanted to say thanks for this website as I brought a set of those for my son, and I could not figure out what s all about so I found your website that helped me to put some together for a start!

  • I recently acquired the majority of “big city” along with the label and two pages of illustrated instructions. Can I email you a scan of those? It includes the drawbridge, city hall, train station and station base in addition to a station house and three different track/road layouts.

    • Hi I have just brought a box of doug and Mandy’s jigsaws from the red cross shop there was no instruction with them I think I have may have the ones you mentioned having the instructions to if at all possible I would love a copy of them at the moment I am sat looking at a pile of peices and have no idea how to begin thankyou for your time regards Susan Pearman

    • Hello. I have had a box of these for years and we had limited success putting it together. I read that you had instructions that you were willing to share. Is this still the case and if so I would love a copy. I think we have the drawbridge tower, railway, water set?
      Thank you in advance for you help

  • I just bought these sets at a garage sale. If u or anyone you know is interested in buying them you have my email address. I HAVE THE DOCK, SKYSCRAPER, AND BUSY AIRPORT.

    • I’m interested in the Melissa & Doug puzzles if you still have them.

      • I have several sets, Rambling railroad, big city adventure, dock & discover, Skyscraper, and Town Hall. I’m not sure if all the pieces are in the set although we have put together the boats, bridges, and most of the larger pieces.Since I do not have any boxes or instructions, I can’t be sure of what could be missing. Are you still interested in purchasing some sets?

    • If you still have these, I am interested. I had them all and they went to Goodwill.

      • I have several sets, unfortunately all mixed up. I know that I have Dock and Discover (boats, bridges, water, fish, etc), Skyscraper Roundabout, Town Hall, Ramblin Roadway, and Big City Adventure. I do not have any original boxes or instructions but A LOT of pieces. Let me know if you are interested.

        • Would love to buy whatever you have.

          • Yes, I would love to buy everything you have! As a marriage and family therapist I find this puzzle so helpful in building a sense of success and confidence with children of all abilities . How much are you asking? Susan

        • I am interested. Please let me know how much for all of what you have. Thank you, Susan

  • Oh my goodness, I’ve just come across this product in a charity shop, and am blown away by it! I have 3 boxes, which *include* the boxes and instructions. Big city adventure, the boat one, another one. Plus I think it includes pieces from a 4th (farm) set. Can’t find much info about it even eg: http://www.melissaanddoug.com/wooden-train-sets

    I can’t believe this product isn’t widely available, it’s brilliant, particularly as it is compatible with Thomas tracks and trains!

  • I was looking on ebay to find out what my set might be worth. I have no interest in selling it as I plan to keep this and all my Brio and Thomas track and engines for my future grandchildren. But like others, it is hard to find information without knowing what to call it. Lucky for my accountant-like tendencies at organization, I pulled out my instruction sheets to my Big City Adventure #607 set and googled…thus finding you! If someone needs the 4-pages of instruction sheets I’d be happy to email a jpg or fax them to you. It offers instructions on 3 layouts as well as how to assemble the buildings and drawbridge.

    PS I bought mine years ago at Marshalls…

    • I would love to have instructions for this set. Was just given a used set for my grandson to use at my house. It looks wonderful! Hope it’s all here. I can pay you through Paypal if you would like. Thank you. Grandma Alice

    • Hi! I found my set (no clue which one I have) at a children’s consignment shop and I was going to give it to our son for Christmas but I just googled it and had no idea it was such a cool train puzzle. But seeing as he’s only 2, it’s a little early for him. But I would love a copy of whatever layouts that you have so then I can sit and figure it out on a rainy day.

    • I would greatly appreciate any instructions! I bought my son most of the sets on ebay but none of them included instructions. My address is homeimprovements_dj@yahoo.com Thank you!

    • Hi, I am so glad that I stumbled across this Puzzle world website. I have a big bin full of Puzzle world sets left over from my 12 year old that I recently pulled out for my 3 year old. Unfortunately, the instructions are no where to be found! This is not like me! I can only imagine that they got misplace in our move two years ago. If you are still willing to share them with me, I would really appreciate it!

    • We purchased several sets of the Melissa & Doug Puzzle World. Not Sure what sets we have except to say that we have a lot of water with fish and the large boat, the draw bridge, and the train set with a lot of tracks and train bridges. I would appreciate any help or instructions you can give me to reassemble these sets.

    • would love to have the instustructions to the big city adventure, just bought this and no instructions

  • I just found like 5 boxes of my old puzzle world stuff from when I was a kid. I’m 17 now and I’m back to building cities with them. <3 I saw one set on ebay go for like 70 dollars. I was heart broken when my mom told me they were no longer being made.

  • Thank you so much for this site. I purchased some Thomas Take Along trains and a box of puzzle pieces at an estate sale, and had no idea how to assemble the pieces. I found your web site and at least had an idea. After much searching, I discovered I only have some pieces for the airport, the boat, etc. but at least I have the track, only the Take Along trains don’t work on this track…oh, well…so I got a wooden train and now have a set. I do have random building pieces that I just can’t throw away so if anyone is looking for a piece, perhaps I will have it and they can have it. Again, thanks for this very informative site.

  • I just purchased the complete set of the skyscraper roundabout in excellent condition. It came with instructions and there are actually 3 different layouts you can build. I can’t find much info about it. if anyone has info, i would appreciate it.

  • Just saw your webpage; thought that you might like to know that I was going to sell some Puzzle World sets on ebay Australia (don’t know what the postage to USA would be). My kids just loved it – they built cities in their rooms, and then ran Thomas track through the passageway to connect their different sets.

    • Hi Noni,

      I’m in Australia and looking for any Puzzle World train sets. Do you still have yours or did you end up selling it? We used to have a heap of it, but then lost everything in the bushfires on 7 Feb 2009. This is the one toy my children really miss.

  • I am looking to purchase the dock n discover (boat)set or the busy Airport set to add to my Big city adventure, if anyone is looking to sell.

    • Hi Susan,

      We are looking to sell our Busy airport set. I’m not sure how you contact me directly without me posting a personal e-mail, do you know a better way?

  • I have 3 sets my kids used for a while but they are well built and still in great condition and I have the original boxes:
    – Skyscraper roundabout has 77 pieces: 46 base tiles, 1 train engine, 1 cargo train, 1 magnetic cargo, 6 piece building, 7 piece bridge, 9 piece skyscraper, 1 tree, 1 horse, 2 piece convertible car, 1 rail turntable and 1 adaptor to join other railways. There never were written instructions but there are several set up photos on the box I can send to anyone interested.
    – Tunnel Loop has 38 wooden pieces: 28 base tiles, 6 piece tunnel, 1 rotating turntable, 1 train engine, 1 tree, 1 adaptor to join other railways. Again no written instructions but there are several set up photos on the box for this set and one of the whole combination of sets.
    – Busy airport has 69 pieces: 37 base tiles, 6 piece airport hanger, 5 piece terminal and passenger gate, 4 piece radar tower, 1 piece helipad, 1 piece rotating conveyor, 1 vehicle elevator, 6 piece jet airplane, 1 small airplane, 1 helicopter, 1 train engine, 1 luggage cart, 1 truck, 1 magnetic cargo, 1 moving turntable, 1 adaptor to join other railways. This set does have instructions and good pictures on the box.
    We are about to sell our sets, all of which are complete and we have some extra trains and cargo we have put in each box if anyone is interested in them please let me know.

  • I’m looking for the farm set. Anyone have this for sale?

  • I have several of these sets for sale in almost mint condition. I do not believe that there are any pieces missing. I bought them brand new for my son who has special needs, and he only played with them a few times, and they have been in storage for years. I have all the paperwork with each one also. My sets are, Big City Adventure #607, Tunnel Loop #601, Dock’ n Discover #605, Busy Airport #606, Building Set #662, and Twin Towers #661.

  • I am interested in purchasing the big city or skyscraper or any if the sets with the train track puzzles, have been searching for a while and couldn’t find them till this website. We have lost pieces over the years, as each of my small grandchildren have played with and enjoyed these sets, I would love to replace them if possible! If anyone has a set to sell please let me know!

  • Hi my name is Kim melrosei have a set of these puzzle trains and I am searching for more . I once had a set that was donated by my husband accidently to once upon a child and I have been searching for more for a long time do 6you have any parts to sell? My phone is 317 514 5002

    • I have 2 Zerox boxes full and am looking to sell them. Email me.

      • I would love to buy your lights, camera action boxes. I am a marriage and family therapist and find that this puzzle which gives children of all ages a feeling of success is a very valuable tool. How much do you want for both boxes and shipping? Appreciatively yours, Susan Beinart

        • I have two big boxes full, including at least 5 sets. Can’t say for sure what pieces are missing but we have erected the boat, the bridges, and a lot of other pieces. I’m sure these boxes are worth hundreds of dollars but are happy if you can use it to help your children. I would like just $25 plus whatever it costs to ship. I can get the cost of shipping ups which I believe to be the cheapest. Where are you located?

          • Great, I am happy to pay you the $25.00 plus shipping. Please send it to: Susan Beinart, 1637 Prince Dr., Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. Thank you!!

          • Last chance asking for payment before I offer it to someone else.

          • Can I mail you a check? Thanks, Susan

          • Yes, I would love to purchase your two boxes for $25. Plus shipping. I live in Cherry Hill, NJ. Thanks, Susan

          • I weighed the boxes and together they weigh 24 pounds. The ups charge is $35. Do you know of a cheaper way to send them? If you are in agreement, I can get these out tomorrow. How do you want to pay for this?

          • Send the $60 payment to paypal for str8italian@hotmail.com. As soon as I receive notification of payment, I will drop off at UPS. I will send you a shipping confirmation number.

          • I am still waiting for your reply and payment. I will offer it to someone else next week.

  • Hi,
    I have the Tunnel Loop set and would like to add to it. If anyone has other sets for sale, I am interested in buying them.
    Thanks, Susan

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