I got my seven done – plus an extra!  I really like the one in the upper left-hand corner with the red, orange and green.

Here is the whole pile.













I’m a little disappointed that there are 2 shades of yellow and 2 shades of purple that kind of disappear into each other.  For example, that all yellow one (bottom right-hand corner) is really 2 colors.  Ah well.

My question for you – What color should I use to join with?  I just can’t decide.  I’m thinking maybe one of the greens or the red.  I really like all three of those colors.  Ah, but the blue is nice, too.  Opinions?

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One Thought on “Tuesday Tally – Week 3

    Can you join each section in a different color? I think that would be interesting. Otherwise, I kinda like green, because it will go well with so many colors.
    How are you joining them? I haven’t decided how to join mine, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

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