When you hear this sound (bing), turn the page

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Jude loves the books on CD that he can listen to.  They are just like the ones we listened to as kids, only we did it with records and cassette tapes.  He will sit still and listen and it is just amazing.  Sadly, we don’t have that many of them.

So, I got this idea.  What if I recorded myself reading a book.  I could even get out the xylophone for the page-turn ding.  I could do this for some of his favorite books — especially the ones that there don’t already seem to be recordings of.

THEN, I got an even bigger idea.  What if there are some of you who would also want to do this.  We could each record ourselves reading one of our favorite children’s books and upload the mp3 of it to a dropbox or something and then we could not only have recordings of an assortment of children’s books, but we could also have them done by an assortment of people and not just boring Mommy all the time.

So, if I figure out a way to do this, is there anyone interested?

Update: I started a facebook group to work on this.  If you would like to join, it is here:  <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/472032719513386/”>When you hear the (BING!), turn the page</a>

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