Simple Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz for Kids


My daughter is having a Harry Potter party for her 8th birthday. Of course she wants to sort everyone into houses. I was unsuccessful at finding a quiz that met our needs. It needed to have simple questions. I’m pretty sure most kids don’t know if they want to be chivalrous, cunning or witty or not. It also needed to be fast to do. Most importantly, it had to help kids who “knew their stuff” get what they want, while being approachable to kids at the party who do not know much about Harry Potter.

Bonus features – They can pick more than one choice per question, if they have a tough time choosing. You learn what they would be content with getting, so nobody has a big breakdown in the middle of the birthday party.

I just tried it with my (almost) 8 year old and my 4.5 year old. They were both pleased with their answers.

Could you please give it a try with your kiddos (or yourself) and see if you run into any issues?

Here is the link to the PDF of the file

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