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Dinosaur felt board

Dinosaur felt board by hopeandmegan
Dinosaur felt board, a photo by hopeandmegan on Flickr.

I glued the base felt to a tri-fold greeting card. The dinosaurs I just free-handed, but there are tons of patterns if you google “dinosaur shapes.”

I hope this is fun for more than 6 minutes in the car. I’ll let you know.

Maps, pirate stickers and eye patches for our car trip

The map is of our yard. The rest are leftovers from a birthday party.  I am sealing them in an envelope.

Quinn’s St. Patrick’s Day school hair

That was supposed to be a shamrock, but she ran out of hair. She (and Jude, who is on the other side of her) both got gold glitter hair paint.

Tuesday Tally – Week 3

I got my seven done – plus an extra!  I really like the one in the upper left-hand corner with the red, orange and green.

Here is the whole pile.













I’m a little disappointed that there are 2 shades of yellow and 2 shades of purple that kind of disappear into each other.  For example, that all yellow one (bottom right-hand corner) is really 2 colors.  Ah well.

My question for you – What color should I use to join with?  I just can’t decide.  I’m thinking maybe one of the greens or the red.  I really like all three of those colors.  Ah, but the blue is nice, too.  Opinions?

Jude the Eggplant Rider

Jude the Eggplant Rider a video by hopeandmegan on Flickr.

Falling off is the best part. I took a couple videos and all he wanted to do was fall over backwards. The insanely barking dog is Quinn.

Quinn j’aime les froot loops

Tuesday Tally – Week 2

My goal for this week was to have 34 squares done.  I really didn’t think that I was going to make it because the big square took SO LONG to get done.  I mean, it is obviously going to take longer to go around when a square is bigger, but I didn’t think I was ever going to get that baby done.

Surprise, surprise, I do have 34 now, though.  I focused on lots of wee baby ones.  Ok, six, but I met my goal.

My goal for next week is have 41 done.

My American Idol Top 13

Ok, so my understanding is that there will be a top 13 picked tomorrow.  They mentioned something about America picking 5 boys, so my guess is that we will pick 5 girls and 5 guys and then the judges will save the remaining 3 to make up a top 13.

It’s always tough to do my picks on who I really think will stay and not who I want to stay. Here are my picks and my notes.

The boys

The Girls

If you want to get in on the selections, the google doc is here:  Just add a column and play along.

What did you think?

My First Tuesday Tally

I found this group through Pinterest ( Gingerbread Girl ) and through the ravelry group “One a Day.”  The gist is that you are supposed to do one square, one row, one whatever a day.  On Tuesdays you upload a photo of your progress.  This is my first Tuesday.

I have 27 squares of my babette finished.  The unfinished one at the top will be one of the 2 with 12 rounds.  There are around 6 1/2 done on that one right now.

I am not attaching them together as a go because I think I may want to do a little hand-picking of colors to balance it out.  I’m seeing a lot of yellow right now, so I may watch to make that it doesn’t become overwhelming.  There is also lots of orange, but I like that.  I want to beef up the greens a bit.  I’m not changing the pattern (yet) to achieve this.  I will just pick squares that will accomplish the look that I want and keep making those and reassessing as I go.  Once I get to the end, I may make some “custom” squares to accomplish a look.

My goal is to have 34 by next week.

How has your week been?

Wonder Tot

My Wonder Woman Tater Tot from Sonic.

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