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Mermaid Costume


20120918-140624.jpgMy kids were invited to a mermaid party and so we decided to put a costume together.  My son wanted to be a crab.  That was a lot easier and I hopefully will get that put together soon to show you,too.  This took about 4ish hours in total to get done.







I searched the web and pinterest for some tutorials and settled on this one at ikatbag as my favorite:

I took my daughter shopping and we were thrilled to find that JoAnn’s had the exact same fishy fabric.  We decided to go with a sparkly tail fin fabric that had more substance to it than the original called for.  For the accents, Quinn picked pink and gold lame.  The green, pink and gold are all the same fabric.  It is a stretch knit that has been painted.  The downside of this fabric is that when it stretches, it gets the appearance of a “run” like in panty hose.  A little disappointing, but you can’t tell from a distance.

Here are the pieces cut out.  I followed the instructions pretty closely, but I made the fish hips so that they curved out more.  It seemed fishier and I thought it would give her more mobility.


I took the picture below after she went to the party.  You can see on the waistband a couple of the “runs.”  They really aren’t runs, the fabric is fine, it’s just the fabric’s paint/coating cracks along the stretch lines.



For the bottom fabric, I doubled it in half and sewed through the two cut edges and left the folded part at the bottom to give more poofiness.


The original plan was that she was going to wear a tank top that we already owned that had fish on it.  Once this tail was all done and sparkly, the shirt looked drab.  I decided that I had enough of a remnant left to make a little shirt to match.

I traced around a tank that she already had.  I didn’t want it to be skin-tight or showing her midriff like most of the typical mermaid costumes.  I was going to have it tuck straight in, but  I ended up liking it bloused out a bit.

I sewed a little elastic in the top and just let the shirt hand down from there.  I used a remnant of the pink to make the straps.  This was a terrible idea.  My sewing machine was crying with multiple layers of that sticky fabric.  After breaking thread and getting loop monsters on the back for the zillionth time, I managed to get something held together enough to make straps.


She loved it!


I’m really hoping that she wants to be a mermaid for Halloween.

Places Offering Art Classes for Kids in Columbus, Ohio

Our daughter is obsessed with art and we are trying to find some classes for her that are “good” (whatever that means), but not astonishingly expensive.  If you are doing the same thing, I thought I’d save you some time by putting the ones that I have found in the Columbus area here.  You may find this useful or helpful, but honestly I just wanted to have a place to keep all of this in one place.

Perhaps I will add some notes once I know more about each program.  Please leave a comment if you have any details or if you know of something that I missed.




Columbus Music and Art Academy – Upper Arlington


The pARTy Studio – Worthington




Creative Minds in Westerville


Creation Nation


King Arts Complex


Children’s Art Studio

Dinosaur felt board

Dinosaur felt board by hopeandmegan
Dinosaur felt board, a photo by hopeandmegan on Flickr.

I glued the base felt to a tri-fold greeting card. The dinosaurs I just free-handed, but there are tons of patterns if you google “dinosaur shapes.”

I hope this is fun for more than 6 minutes in the car. I’ll let you know.

Tuesday Tally – Week 3

I got my seven done – plus an extra!  I really like the one in the upper left-hand corner with the red, orange and green.

Here is the whole pile.













I’m a little disappointed that there are 2 shades of yellow and 2 shades of purple that kind of disappear into each other.  For example, that all yellow one (bottom right-hand corner) is really 2 colors.  Ah well.

My question for you – What color should I use to join with?  I just can’t decide.  I’m thinking maybe one of the greens or the red.  I really like all three of those colors.  Ah, but the blue is nice, too.  Opinions?

Tuesday Tally – Week 2

My goal for this week was to have 34 squares done.  I really didn’t think that I was going to make it because the big square took SO LONG to get done.  I mean, it is obviously going to take longer to go around when a square is bigger, but I didn’t think I was ever going to get that baby done.

Surprise, surprise, I do have 34 now, though.  I focused on lots of wee baby ones.  Ok, six, but I met my goal.

My goal for next week is have 41 done.

My First Tuesday Tally

I found this group through Pinterest ( Gingerbread Girl ) and through the ravelry group “One a Day.”  The gist is that you are supposed to do one square, one row, one whatever a day.  On Tuesdays you upload a photo of your progress.  This is my first Tuesday.

I have 27 squares of my babette finished.  The unfinished one at the top will be one of the 2 with 12 rounds.  There are around 6 1/2 done on that one right now.

I am not attaching them together as a go because I think I may want to do a little hand-picking of colors to balance it out.  I’m seeing a lot of yellow right now, so I may watch to make that it doesn’t become overwhelming.  There is also lots of orange, but I like that.  I want to beef up the greens a bit.  I’m not changing the pattern (yet) to achieve this.  I will just pick squares that will accomplish the look that I want and keep making those and reassessing as I go.  Once I get to the end, I may make some “custom” squares to accomplish a look.

My goal is to have 34 by next week.

How has your week been?

Valentine’s Day Heart Hair

I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest and decided to do it to Quinn’s hair for Valentine’s day. I didn’t have the topsy tail thing, so I just flipped the ponytail myself.

When it was done, I set it with 2 bobby pins and hairspray.

I made it red with chalk. I just ran the chalk under the faucet and colored it on. When it was red enough I set it with more hairspray so that the color would stay all day.






Babette Squares as of Feb 1


I accidentally made the fuchsia and lavender one twice. Grrrrrr…..

Babette Afghan

Here is the yarn that I gave selected for my Babette crocheted afghan. They are nothing like the originals and not even the same number of them.20120129-190727.jpg


I wanted to make sure that following the pattern wouldn’t make me end up with too much of any one color, I used conditional formatting in excel to visually represent the colors using the layout plots from the pattern as my basis. It is also helpful because I don’t have to look up the key every time. If anyone is interested in learning to do this, I can do a tutorial. You could use this technique with really any crochet, knit or quilt pattern.



Chalking Quinn’s Hair

We saw hair chalking at Pinterest and knew Quinn would love it.  There are some videos at YouTube that were pretty helpful.  Also, this tutorial at (wait for it) Seventeen Magazine.  Basically you are going to buy some cheap art chalks (less that 10 bucks at Jo-Ann’s), wet the hair you want to color and rub the chalk on.  It’s a little messy, so rubber gloves and a towel around the neck are a good idea.  Well, the gloves should go on your hands, not around your neck, but you probably knew that.

Here is what she looked like with her hair wet.

Before I flat ironed it

I took the top layer of Quinn’s hair and pulled it up on top of her hair.  This made the color sort of peek-a-boo.  These pictures are a little out of order, but see:  Hair down on the left and up on the right.

You can't see the color when I drop the top part down.Pink and Purple under the back

Once I was done coloring, I combed and then flat ironed it.  It was supposed to “set” it, but I’m not sure that it did.  It did make it lay nicely.   When I brushed it, a cloud of chalk flew out.  I didn’t see this in any of the tutorials that I read elsewhere, but this inspired me to spray aerosol hairspray over the chalked hair to set it.   I sprayed the hair and then brushed while it was drying so that the individual strands were shellacked.  The chalk cloud stopped immediately and I think the color will stay in for at least tomorrow, but probably until we wash it.

Here are all the colors with the hair still pulled up.  Green, black (her personal favorite because it is “like Snow White,” pink/red and then a tiny smidge of the purple.

All the colors with her top layer of hair still up

Final Results!

Table Vert - Represent!Purple on this side

EDIT – Not to be out-done, here is Jude with some blue to match his eyes.

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