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Crocheted Sperm

I wanted to make this because I thought it might be a good gift for someone’s fertility altar someday. It was super easy. Probably the toughest part was the hand-crampiness caused by the tail only being 6 stitches around. Here is the pattern that I used.  It is free. I opted not to do the face.

If you are a ravelry person, you can find it here to add it to your queue.  I am hopemcg there, if you want to add me.



Nerdy Crochet Joke


This happened.
I’m sorry.
Some crochet humor for my followers.
From pandahanyou at tumblr

Homemade Monsters

A year or so ago, I made this monster doll / stuffed animal from felt and embroidery floss.  It was very easy to do.  I just looked at her original picture and selected my colors.  Any embroidery was added before I put the back on so that I didn’t have to worry about not going through both layers.  I elected not to stuff the arms and legs and have sort of regretted it ever since.

The scan of the original was enhanced so that you could see the colors better.


Quinn just made this picture and I think it is great.  I was considering making another felt creature or maybe trying to crochet it.  It doesn’t have any arms or legs, so I’m not sure how much she would actually play with it.  Any ideas?

Caillou Gifts

I decided to peek at Etsy and see what handmade Caillou items people have made.  Jude is currently obsessed with Caillou.  I’m not a fan, but jr baldy is growing on me.

Rosie (Caillou's sister)I’ll put this one in first, because it is my favorite by about a million miles.  Wait, kilometers, Caillou is Canadian.  This is a knit Rosie doll.  The woman who created her did a wonderful job capturing the facial expression.  She is $35 and is made by caveil.  She also makes a Caillou, but it was the Rosie that made me go, “Awwwwwww.”

If you are looking for items to throw a Caillou-themed birthday party.  You are SET.  There are items you can order (you can even custom-wrap each of your water bottles in a water-resistant water wrap in case you are embarrassed of the brand or something…).  I suppose if you are one of those theme people, then this might be just the thing you want.

Custom Printable Polka Dots & Stripes CAILLOU Birthday Party PackageThere are matching patterns you can print for invitations, photo frames, cupcake toppers, banners and lots of other things.  I find the color choices of some of them peculiar.  The Caillou characters are all about primary colors and monochromaticness.  This is really cute, but not what I was expecting.  Those patterns sorta dazzle the eyes, don’t they?

Caillou And Rosie Clippie SetAnother genre is the Caillou hairbow.  Most are the standard bow that you would expect – a big pile of ribbons with a Caillou character in the middle.  These, on the other hand, are ingenious.  She has actually taken bitsy pieces of grosgrain ribbon and glued them into the shape of Rosie and Caillou.  I mean, a kid of mine would ruin them in 4 seconds, but they are fascinating to look at.    Maybe your kids aren’t as destructive as mine?  They are available for $9 from the HeadsOrTailsBoutique.

Caillou Embroidery APPLIQUE Design (2 sizes)

Two more: An applique pattern for a sewing machine that I will never be rich enough to own.  It’s $3.99 and comes in 2 (remarkably similar) sizes.


caillou outfit  tshirt and tutu set  long or short sleeves 12 18 24 2t 3t 4t 5I wonder what our family would do if we ordered this for Jude for his 3rd birthday.  You know he would love it.  EVERYBODY loves fluffy tutus.  Now that I know how easy those are to make, I don’t think I could spend money on one, but maybe you are looking to do a little shopping instead of crafting?  VanyKids makes it and it is $36.

The play fridge is done!

Play Fridge Done

This is the used kitchen cabinet that we bought at a Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Here is the post with what it originally looked like.

We applied a couple of 8 1/2 x 11 adhesive magnet sheets (~ $5 delivered from ebay) to the front so that magnets would stick.  We would have preferred magnetic paint, but it seems to run $20 a can, so this was a much cheaper option.  I do have to say that the power of the magnet sheet isn’t great.  One thing to remember is that you are putting up a magnet and not metal, so some magnets that you put on might stick and some might repel, depending on the polarity.  If there is something you really want to use or are making magnets to match, test them first and make sure the “sticky” side is facing out.

The original handle was a little white ceramic circle.  We wanted it to look a little more like a refrigerator handle, so we picked this one up at Lowe’s for $3.

Play Fridge Done

We painted it with some paint that we already had.  It looks nice, but it might scratch off pretty fast.  That’ll be a watch and see.

We saved some plastic foods that the kids would recognize.  I also was on a big crochet kick and crocheted a selection of new things – a couple of eggs (in the carton), a cookie, a jar of peanut butter, a block of tofu and a stalk of celery.  The eggs were the only things that I used a pattern for.  The rest I just made up as I went along.  If you were interested in any of these patterns, I could try to remember what I did.  I’m pretty pleased with the peanut butter jar. I meant to put a label on it, but forgot and then didn’t have enough time.  I think that I would just cut a rectangle of felt and sew on a peanut shape.

Play Fridge Done







The kids really like it.  They loaded it right up with our felt felt food.  Quinn especially liked identifying fruits and veggies for the “Crisper drawer” – which is just a cardboard box covered in paper.

Afghan for Quinn

Afghan by hopeandmegan
Afghan, a photo by hopeandmegan on Flickr.

I FINALLY finished this afghan for Quinn. I’ve been working on it forever. She picked out the yarn, but probably doesn’t expect to ever find it done. I started with a pattern in a square shape. Along the diagonals, there is a popcorn stitch, so it has an interesting texture. Once I got tired of that, I switched to a basic granny square type of stitch to build size quicker. Once I had the width that I wanted, I added length to both ends…until I ran out of yarn.

Edit – here is the original pattern that I used and the picture that they have up at Lion Brand – It is called Coastal Granny. ( )

Image of Coastal Granny


Making a Play Kitchen Fridge from Cabinet


I got this cabinet from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $15.  We are going to use it to create a refrigerator for play food.

We are going to paint it to (vaguely) match our play stove/sink.  I was going to paint it with magnetic paint, but it turns out that they paint is over $20.  We have opted instead to attach a couple of 8×10 magnetic sheets to the front and then paint over them and hope that they blend in.

As you all know, my kids have (ahem) a lot of play food.  I still feel like I need to add some new pieces so that there are some surprises inside.

So far, we have tucked away an egg carton and a creamer bottle.  I was going to make some milk and orange juice cartons from this pattern, but it was sort of smaller than I was hoping for. Milk Carton Pattern  We think that we will probably just buy a few cartons and save them.  I think we are also going to have a cleaned-out ketchup bottle “ready” by time for the unveiling.

I plan on crocheting a couple of eggs to go in the carton.  I’ve started one using this pattern.  Crocheted Egg Pattern It’s super easy.  I mean, they are eggs, so really you can probably wing it without a pattern, but it’s always nice to have a guide.  Check out the pics of her “Easter” eggs.  They are really cute.

Can you think of any other quick and easy “Fridge” food that I could whip up?

Thanksgiving Felt Food Tutorials and Ideas

Thought I would compile a selection of felt food tutorials of a Thanksgiving-type nature. I was sure that I would find a ton, and I did. If you find the whole “first thanksgiving” thing as questionable as I do, just select items that fit with your beliefs.

You could make a cornucopia center-piece and than add the pieces to your kidlets’ felt food bin after dinner. This isn’t felt, but I think felt might not have the structure you would want, anyway. It is from Crafty Staci


Here are some good foods to put inside:

I’ve always loved this ear of corn pattern. I think it would be neat to use several felt colors in the weaving and make “Indian Corn.” (Is there a PC name for this type of corn other than dried multi-colored corn?)

Felt Corn
There is a great, free tutorial here at Cook, Clean, Craft.

A summer squash, of course…
Summer Squash

Here is a nice tutorial from Cut Out and Keep

Here is another tutorial from Shelley Inspired that is a free download that has another summer squash, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, potato and a few others. She calls it her Farmer’s Market Set.

Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots has put together roasted turkey with removable drumsticks.

Felt Turkey

Some green beans from Craftiness is not Optional.

Green Beans

Back to Smashed Peas and Carrots for pumpkin pie. She shows how to make a dollop of whipped cream on the top, which I think totally makes the whole thing.

Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream

This is already way longer than I intended, but you may also want to consider adding fruits to your cornucopia or adding mashed potatoes, dinner rolls or cranberry relish to the menu.

What are some of your Thanksgiving food traditions.

Ridiculously Easy Reusable Snack Bag

I had an assortment of PUL fabric that I had purchased once upon a time to make diapers with (that never happened) and I was trying to decide what to do with it. PUL is fabric that is coated with plastic on one side to make it waterproof. We have a couple of store-bought reusable snack bags that we like a lot. One in particular was good because it closed completely with velcro and so didn’t have spillage issues. I decided to use our PUL to make a few more of these bags. You can order PUL from many places online or you could use vinyl or nylon or something that available in your local typical fabric store.

Here is the final product:

Finished snack bags

– A piece of PUL (or whatever fabric you are using) that is twice the size you want your bag to be (plus a little extra for seam allowance.) If you are unsure, fold your fabric in half, lay whatever sandwich bag you use now on top of it and cut loosely around it.
– A strip of velcro/aplix/hook and loop tape that is the width of the opening.

Unless completely necessary, I am not a pinner. Take your fabric (PUL side up) by the short edge and fold over a tad. Lay one of your velcro pieces on it to hold your fold in place and sew down the length. The seam will be under the velcro, so you only need to fold it over once. If it is an option on your machine, you may want to move your need to the right to get closer to the edge without letting your velcro and fold escape.

Fold overNeedle to the right

Make a turn at the corner of the velcro and keep going around until you’ve sewn a whole rectangle on the velcro. Do the exact same thing with the other half of the velcro on the other side. This is what it should look like with the velcro done.

Sewn rectangleVelcro done

Fold the fabric in half, wrong side out. Sew one side closed. This actually turned out to be the most difficult part because the PUL is sort of sticky and did not feed easily through the machine. Do the same thing on the other side.

One edge doneBoth Sides

Flip it right side out and you are done. Seriously. It’s that easy.

Velcro open

Velcro closednull

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