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New items up at the Felt Gourmet

I know I twittered about it, but I haven’t posted any real actual pictures of my felt food that I’m selling at Etsy.

The salad:
Salad for Etsy - on yellow by you.

The Bean Burrito:
Bean Burrito by you.

The Hummus and Veggies Pita:
One Pita by you.

I also finally got the dolls posted today.  I only have enough done for one complete set right now, so there is only one listing.  Grab it early!

Set of 3 Crocheted Dolls with Dresses and a Drawstring Storage Bag
Whole Set by you.


I had promised quilt pictures to a couple of people, so here it is for posterity and such.


Who’s your Daddy?

Did anyone else watch “Who’s your Daddy?” last night? I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was. I actually got a little weepy at the end. I wonder if she really was able to pick him out or if she was guided a bit (like Evan was guided to Zora in Average Joe). Who knows?

I’m working on a new quilt. It is pretty much the same fabric as my last one b/c I am trying to use it up. I am using a mystery pattern from, but I cheated to make sure it wasn’t ugly. I don’t really like the 4 box parts, so I’m hoping with my colors it is more muted. I bought some flannel for the back so it will be fuzzy.

For my geocaching cronies, here is my new baby Magellan SporTrak Color GPS. I can’t wait until the world dries out and I can take it for a spin.

Went to the gym last night. I can feel muscles hidden under the fat now, but I haven’t lost any weight or size. We have too many snack foods in the house from the holidays. Maybe once they are gone I’ll start losing (cause I’m sure as hell not throwing away perfectly good cookies and chocolates). I have my priorities afterall…. Speaking of priorities, Indian buffet with gweeb and Jen tonight. Mmmmm….

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