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Mermaid Costume


20120918-140624.jpgMy kids were invited to a mermaid party and so we decided to put a costume together.  My son wanted to be a crab.  That was a lot easier and I hopefully will get that put together soon to show you,too.  This took about 4ish hours in total to get done.







I searched the web and pinterest for some tutorials and settled on this one at ikatbag as my favorite:

I took my daughter shopping and we were thrilled to find that JoAnn’s had the exact same fishy fabric.  We decided to go with a sparkly tail fin fabric that had more substance to it than the original called for.  For the accents, Quinn picked pink and gold lame.  The green, pink and gold are all the same fabric.  It is a stretch knit that has been painted.  The downside of this fabric is that when it stretches, it gets the appearance of a “run” like in panty hose.  A little disappointing, but you can’t tell from a distance.

Here are the pieces cut out.  I followed the instructions pretty closely, but I made the fish hips so that they curved out more.  It seemed fishier and I thought it would give her more mobility.


I took the picture below after she went to the party.  You can see on the waistband a couple of the “runs.”  They really aren’t runs, the fabric is fine, it’s just the fabric’s paint/coating cracks along the stretch lines.



For the bottom fabric, I doubled it in half and sewed through the two cut edges and left the folded part at the bottom to give more poofiness.


The original plan was that she was going to wear a tank top that we already owned that had fish on it.  Once this tail was all done and sparkly, the shirt looked drab.  I decided that I had enough of a remnant left to make a little shirt to match.

I traced around a tank that she already had.  I didn’t want it to be skin-tight or showing her midriff like most of the typical mermaid costumes.  I was going to have it tuck straight in, but  I ended up liking it bloused out a bit.

I sewed a little elastic in the top and just let the shirt hand down from there.  I used a remnant of the pink to make the straps.  This was a terrible idea.  My sewing machine was crying with multiple layers of that sticky fabric.  After breaking thread and getting loop monsters on the back for the zillionth time, I managed to get something held together enough to make straps.


She loved it!


I’m really hoping that she wants to be a mermaid for Halloween.

Maps, pirate stickers and eye patches for our car trip

The map is of our yard. The rest are leftovers from a birthday party.  I am sealing them in an envelope.

Our Disney Stroller

We had several people at the park ask us where we rented our stroller.  It was Kingdom Strollers.  It was just amazing and a life-/back-saver.  I decided to write this post because I couldn’t find too many posts outside of message boards about them and I wanted to tell people that they are legit.

We went with them because they were the only place that I could find that had a stroller that was big enough for my 5 year old (anything would have worked for our 2 year old).  I can’t imagine a 5 year old that would walk all of Disney — especially not with any speed.  We rented the BOB Double Stroller – the BOB Revolution Duallie.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a beast to get on and off of the Disney shuttles, but the security of having a stroller waiting at the hotel for us the moment we got there, not having to rent one at the park each day and being able to transport kids in a stroller pre- (and especially) post-park is worth any dirty looks you get from monopolizing more than your fair share of shuttle bus turf.  (or maybe the dirty looks were because they were jealous that they didn’t have our awesome stroller).

I would recommend watching a few youtube videos before you get there so that you know all of the features and how to fold and open it.  This is a good one.

One more thing, I emailed them one morning before we left at some ungodly early hour to confirm that everything was all set.  I got a personal (and charming) email back in around 2 minutes.

Even if you don’t rent through this company. DON’T rent a Disney stroller, they look terribly uncomfortable, don’t have much storage, are not guaranteed, you can’t take them back to the hotel and they work out to be more expensive.

What do these 3 have in common?

They are all on Dramamine. Hopefully it will be a peaceful flight for me ;)


Get well soon


Disney Jr Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine





Good times


Look what Santa brought us

Sorry, I got lazy and haven’t been updating. Yesterday was a little stressful but it worked out okay. Last night we tucked Jude and Quinn in. And then around 1130 he threw up. Then he did it again and again. I ended up sleeping with him on the floor in the bathroom. I would estimate that he threw up at least 30 times last night. Around 5 AM he finally began to get some sleep and then we were up for the day at 6:15.

Why? Because that’s when Quinn started puking.

*Sigh*today we are supposed to go to Hollywood studios. We have reservations at 12:05 for a lunch with the little Einsteins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Handy Manny. True, special agent Oso is also supposed to be there. Honestly who cares about him?

Anyway, we have been watching the kids and we have been puke-free for the past 30 minutes. I just did laundry and so we will take some changes of clothes with us and hope for the best

Wish us luck

Merry Christmas and all that stuff.

(voice post, sorry about the weirdness)

Castle at night



She was awesome and spent a lot if time with the kids.


A smooch from Mulan


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