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American Idol Boys

Ok, so the five that I would LIKE to see stay are Casey, James, Paul, Scotty and Brett.   I didn’t necessarily think they did well last night, but I liked listening to them and would like to hear more.

The five that I think will actually stay are: Casey, James, Scotty, Brett (the vote for the worst pick), Jacob

Going Home: Jordan, Jovany, Stefano, Paul, Clint

I think that Stefano is a wild card.  He could bump any of the other guys out of my picks list.

Seriously edited because I thought there were 10 and there were 12!  I totally forgot Tim and Robbie.  I guess that puts them in the “going home” category!  Wikipedia says that voters pick the top 10 and the judges pick 3 wildcards, so I guess that means 5 boys, 5 girls and 3 whatevers.

Mwa hahahaha

I just bought this costume in a newborn size.:

Our poor little baby doesn’t know what she’s in for. Of course with her genetics, she might be thrilled.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have a wonder woman collection and we have done a whole wonder woman room in our house (yellow walls, red highlights, blue w/ star curtains). Here is a pic of one wall that I just happened to have on the ‘puter.

Our donor also has a WW collection that totally puts mine to shame, which is why kiddo might be into the costume.

I’ve considered having the hospital pics taken in it, but it looks a bit involved for someone who just came out into the world.

And just to make this the longest, most picture-filled post you have to read today, here is Thursday’s belleh pic. (guess what room we took the picture in???)

Schooled in the Portal

Poooor megan. She spent 45 minutes this morning writing a ginormous post and it disappeared when she clicked the ‘preview’ button. I feel so rotten that I couldn’t get it back for her. I just don’t know where it went. I guess I’ll put semagic on her laptop so that she doesn’t have to rely upon the web portal.

Speaking of portals, there’s this software program at work that we do our data pulls with. When it screws up we are supposed to submit a message to the portal. I had never used the portal before, so I asked my friend to come and show me how we are supposed to fill out the form, etc. He used the phrase “I’ll come and school you in the portal.” It sounded so dirty. Say “school me in the portal” out loud. I promise.

Today’s calvin rocks

Who’s your Daddy?

Did anyone else watch “Who’s your Daddy?” last night? I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was. I actually got a little weepy at the end. I wonder if she really was able to pick him out or if she was guided a bit (like Evan was guided to Zora in Average Joe). Who knows?

I’m working on a new quilt. It is pretty much the same fabric as my last one b/c I am trying to use it up. I am using a mystery pattern from, but I cheated to make sure it wasn’t ugly. I don’t really like the 4 box parts, so I’m hoping with my colors it is more muted. I bought some flannel for the back so it will be fuzzy.

For my geocaching cronies, here is my new baby Magellan SporTrak Color GPS. I can’t wait until the world dries out and I can take it for a spin.

Went to the gym last night. I can feel muscles hidden under the fat now, but I haven’t lost any weight or size. We have too many snack foods in the house from the holidays. Maybe once they are gone I’ll start losing (cause I’m sure as hell not throwing away perfectly good cookies and chocolates). I have my priorities afterall…. Speaking of priorities, Indian buffet with gweeb and Jen tonight. Mmmmm….

Dissertation pilot

Hello everyone! No, I’m not dead. I actually have been doing a lot of work on my dissertation and haven’t been doing too many extraneous things. I have begun the first pilot test of my data. That started yesterday. I sent out about 200 email invitations and about 40 total people have filled it out. For an online thing that is an awesome 24 hour response rate.

I have also been doing lots of stuff for our GLBTIA Awareness weeks and that has been exhausting.

My plans for this evening? I am going to attend to back-email to get caught up on things that I have been avoiding. Sounds like a blast. Whee hoo!

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