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More Good News!

Another positive!

Congratulations Megan and Sacha!!!

Check out their blog, babycakes, here!

Mwa hahahaha

I just bought this costume in a newborn size.:

Our poor little baby doesn’t know what she’s in for. Of course with her genetics, she might be thrilled.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have a wonder woman collection and we have done a whole wonder woman room in our house (yellow walls, red highlights, blue w/ star curtains). Here is a pic of one wall that I just happened to have on the ‘puter.

Our donor also has a WW collection that totally puts mine to shame, which is why kiddo might be into the costume.

I’ve considered having the hospital pics taken in it, but it looks a bit involved for someone who just came out into the world.

And just to make this the longest, most picture-filled post you have to read today, here is Thursday’s belleh pic. (guess what room we took the picture in???)

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First OB appointment

Ugh! I was so disappointed with our dr visit yesterday. I had done so much reading and we went in there with a plan and my charts, etc. I just wanted to ask them some questions to help tie things together (like how do they meet the “doctor supervision” requirement for at home insemination with fresh sperm so that the donor’s paternity rights are waived).

So first, Meg gets a call at home that somebody is in labor and that we should call before we come to make sure the doc is still there, so we did – and she was. We go down to her office and sit in this freakishly plush waiting room. They had some sort of vanilla scent pumped in. Meg had a headache from the sickeningly sweet smell in about 5 minutes.

Then they take me back, do the weigh in and BP stuff and they ask me why I’m there. (Apparently nobody takes notes from the over-the-phone explanation) I tell the nurses aid that we’re planning on trying in the summer/fall and leaves to get me another form to fill out with a zillion possible risk factors on it. (At this point everything is still good).

When she comes to get my paper, she says that the doctor was paged about the baby and that either I could reschedule or see the nurse practitioner. We really wanted to see the doc b/c she is a lesbian and has kids of her own, blah, blah, blah, but we also didn’t want to have to leave work early again for something we could do then. So we stayed.

The NP comes in and went over my questionnaire. She decides to give me pre-natal vitamins. Then she starts in about selecting a sperm bank and stuff and I tell her that we are using a donor and wanted to know how they met the supervision requirements. She had NO IDEA what I was talking about. She said that they only had one person try that before and it didn’t work — as though that was an explanation. To my other questions, she kept saying things about not really knowing, but maybe the nurse would or something.

Next the nurse came in. I had high hopes for her because the NP seemed to make her out to be the insemination coodinator or something. She didn’t know anything either. When I told her we had a donor and were going to do it at home. She said something about us being “lucky.” She told us most people just “show up pregnant.” I tried to explain how that left us open to lawsuits and she suggested we see a lawyer. I couldn’t seem to get it through her head that in the state of Ohio the doc was the one with the power to sever the paternal rights (just by the slightest MD blessing).

I had my blood taken and left. I never even had my pants off. Doesn’t that seem odd? I could possibly not even HAVE a uterus for all they knew.

I asked when I would find out about the blood tests. They said that if everything is normal that they probably woundn’t call. I pressed and found out that I could call on Wednesday. They didn’t want to make a follow-up appointment. I guess I’m just supposed to “show up pregnant.”

Good things: they were completely cool with lesbians, I have a scrip for prenatals, my blood tests are being run

Bad things: It was we awkward and I don’t know any more now than I did before I went.

We were wondering if we had actually seen the doc if she would have known more. We can’t decide if we want to go back there to find out. *sigh*

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