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Who’s your Daddy?

Did anyone else watch “Who’s your Daddy?” last night? I was expecting it to be a lot worse than it was. I actually got a little weepy at the end. I wonder if she really was able to pick him out or if she was guided a bit (like Evan was guided to Zora in Average Joe). Who knows?

I’m working on a new quilt. It is pretty much the same fabric as my last one b/c I am trying to use it up. I am using a mystery pattern from, but I cheated to make sure it wasn’t ugly. I don’t really like the 4 box parts, so I’m hoping with my colors it is more muted. I bought some flannel for the back so it will be fuzzy.

For my geocaching cronies, here is my new baby Magellan SporTrak Color GPS. I can’t wait until the world dries out and I can take it for a spin.

Went to the gym last night. I can feel muscles hidden under the fat now, but I haven’t lost any weight or size. We have too many snack foods in the house from the holidays. Maybe once they are gone I’ll start losing (cause I’m sure as hell not throwing away perfectly good cookies and chocolates). I have my priorities afterall…. Speaking of priorities, Indian buffet with gweeb and Jen tonight. Mmmmm….

Dissertation pilot

Hello everyone! No, I’m not dead. I actually have been doing a lot of work on my dissertation and haven’t been doing too many extraneous things. I have begun the first pilot test of my data. That started yesterday. I sent out about 200 email invitations and about 40 total people have filled it out. For an online thing that is an awesome 24 hour response rate.

I have also been doing lots of stuff for our GLBTIA Awareness weeks and that has been exhausting.

My plans for this evening? I am going to attend to back-email to get caught up on things that I have been avoiding. Sounds like a blast. Whee hoo!

Vegans shouldn’t eat cheese

Well, we made it back from family #1 just in time for Megs to go to work today. All cats and house present and accounted for. That’s always a relief. I got to play with my GPS in the car.. My vegan self ate some cheese today at lunch. I’m pretty sorry that I did that. I guess it is always good to remind yourself every once in a while how sick it makes you.. I’m too tired to write much more, but wanted to check in


Took my Rusty to the vet today. They took blood and did all sorts of expensive things. When we got home we left again and went to the Eddie Bauer warehouse store (where pants are $4, sheets are $6, chairs are $15, etc.) Megan picked out pants for her holiday presents. I think she ended up with 10 pairs. I picked out this little black strappy shirt for her and told her she was getting it whether she liked it or not — she liked it. :) I got an orange ball cap with a globey looking thing on it. It has been dubbed “the geocaching hat.” That’ll be my present to open since I already got the palm pilot and sewing machine on the day after Thanksgiving.

We have plans to go to dinner/movie with the boys tonight. I need to call my little Beth back and set up a time to feed her Indian food and find out all about her trip that she is going on! Her birthday was a ways back and I still haven’t gotten her present to her.

Oh, for those of you folks who do the nervousness thing, I started a little community. :) It’s at


I am meeting with my advisor today. The first time since like June or something. I really don’t know what to expect. I really hope I don’t cry in her office. I always seem to cry there. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a big cryer. For no particular reason (any emotion at all happy, sad, pissed, whatever), I just get teary all the time. My whole family does. You should see us around the holidays. It’s an ugly scene.

I teased a girl too much yesterday about something that I didn’t think was sensitive, but apparently was… I am REALLY, REALLY sorry for hurting your feelings — but I think you know that.

Went geocaching with the Jude yesterday. It seems like eons ago. Here we are at the one in Antrim park. It is crooked because the tree I asked to hold the camera was a bit tipsy. I decided not to straighten it — perhaps the tree was trying to make some sort of artsy statement. I don’t fuck with art.

The swelling on my tongue is going down. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt. Megan asked me yesterday, “So, when you get a smaller thing, will you be able to close your mouth?” A couple of days ago she said, “I don’t get what is supposed to be so sexy about metal in a mouth. It just makes me think of braces and that’s not attractive at all.” *sigh*

Jude’s ear is all big and swollen. It looks mega owey. JUDE! — I am bringing you neosporin today at GLBTSS — you will be there, won’t you????

Got #4 of 4 in the Rogue comic series. It makes me want to grow my hair back out so that I can have my streak again. I cut it all before I knew about Rogue. Oh, for those of you who haven’t actually ever seen me. I have a shock of gray hair. Here is a decent (but not great) pic. This is a WEDDING picture (October 2000).

Wombat, I am gonna fill out your thing later today. Presently I need to go stress about meeting with my advisor.


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