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Coupons for Whole Foods and similar stores

Do you subscribe to these coupons? It is tough to find coupons for “Whole Foods” type of foods, but there is always a nice selection at Mambo Sprouts. I had forgotten about them and then something that Megan said today reminded me. Here is their website. Mambo Sprouts

If you click through, they have printable coupons for all sorts of things, like right now I see soy milk, organic breads, sauces and baby foods. They also have a few kefir products. The items vary, but if you subscribe, they will send you email messages.

BTW – If you go to the actual Whole Foods website, they have a ton of coupons there, too. Here is the direct link: Whole Foods Coupon page I just peeked and right now there are about 25 of them. The good thing is that there are actually products that we use.

Our Trip to the Ohio State Fair – 2011

We had another great visit to the Ohio State Fair this year. Quinn was big enough to ride a lot of rides and she took full advantage of that. Jude was too short by 3 inches for most of the rides. He was outraged by the injustice.

My favorite thing, the beavers in the natural resources areas, were elusive this year. Pity.

A few of these are videos.

Scooter Squirrel

It’s how he rolls…

Scooter Squirrel

Blood Donor


The last time I tried to give blood was a rotten day.  I had a migraine and felt terrible.  I had taken excedrin (with caffeine) and also consumed an enormous cup of Au Bon Pain’s extraordinarily caffeinated iced tea.

When I went down to give blood, my blood pressure was through the roof.  They took it again and it was worse.  They wouldn’t take my blood that day.  I’m not sure which was the culprit (or both).  I can’t remember exactly, but it was something like 200 over 100.  Yeah, the bottom number was triple digits.   I’ve seen my blood pressure up before and BP was the reason or related to the reason that both kids were cut out of me, but that was almost frightening.

Everyone has high blood pressure in my family.  Even the skinny ones.  I know it is just a matter of time before things catch up to me.  I was nervous when I went down today.  No migraine today.  No caffeine.  I’ve been exercising like a fiend.  I’ve lost 9 pounds.  Surely it would have to be a little better, right?  It WAS!  My BP was 122 over 82.  Completely normal.  Not even high-normal, which was what I expected.  Ok, according the wikipedia that is high normal, but I’m still pretty happy.

Next came the iron test.  People are always worried about whether vegetarians can get enough iron.  My iron was 15.6, which was WELL above the cut-off, so Blah! I say.

You know what almost got me sent home?  My temp was over 100 when I first sat down…

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? (as in, sweltering)

(and covertly flipping you off)

I had to change the battery in the Kia before we trade in the car tomorrow or Saturday.  It was dead, but still under warranty.

Today was still over 90 degrees at 9 pm.



Photos from our trip to Indianapolis

Mama LemurDolphins hold out for a heroDolphins swimmingSea LionsLemurMeercat
GiraffesDolphin ShowFlamingos, turtles and mama lemurGiraffeOstrichPolar Bear
Jude Petting a SharkQuinn petting a sharkFishing in the kiddy pondQuinn, Hope and the T-RexQuinn digging for fossilsQuinn sitting on dino eggs
Quinn with a dino tailFishingHand PedalsDriving the big machineBig Boy SlidingDigging

Indianapolis, a set on Flickr.

We went to the Indy zoo and to the children’s museum. The weather was perfect and the children were moderately well-behaved. What more can one ask for?

Make sure you see the wonder woman costume (large and small), Indiana Jones gear, Bumblebee from Transformers and the kids petting sharks.

OMG I Could Barf

I was just eating a couple of Oreos for breakfast (don’t judge me).  Literally just 2 of them.

I started eating one and thought it tasted like there was a hair in it.  Hairs aren’t HUGE things in our house because there are 3 people with long hair + too many cats.  I took the bite out of my mouth and there was a long white/gray hair that obviously was IN the cookie.  It didn’t come from one of us.  I threw it all away.

Now I was a little icked out, but decided to eat the other one to make the bad memory go away.  



I had a handful of cheerios instead.

Speech Posts

Just finished copying a series of posts over to here from the IVP about Jude’s speech (or lack of it).  I thought that I should kinda keep track of the process (and hopefully his progress).

There is a chance that Jude will be able to start regular services at Columbus Speech and Hearing.  Our case manager mentioned talking to the woman who would be Jude’s teacher if he gets in there this fall.  Word on the street is that they have openings right now.  

The thing is, they talked last week and we haven’t heard anything back again.  I wonder how long to wait before calling to check in.  I want to be pro-active, but not annoying. 

Therapy Plan

 Met with our case worker this morning. Here is the plan, as I understand it…

A speech therapist will come to our house once a month. S/he will give us techniques to use with Jude.

There are "Center Based Services" which are the good ones, he can go three times a month, or more if they have cancellations. There is a wait list for this. I think we can expect to get in by summer.

There are "bridge" services to tide kids over until the center based services open up. These are in the evenings, but I’m not sure how often. Maybe 2 times a month? There is possibly a wait list for this, too, but not as long.

There may be some small group sessions starting up to tide kids over until bridge opens up, until center services open up.

We had been researching the Toddler Language Class (TLC) program at Columbus Speech and Hearing Center and Megan actually had a message in with them to find out how much it costs. The program is September through May, three days a week for 2 ½ hours. It is taught by a Speech Language Pathologist and a Child Development Specialist. An OT comes in for 2 hours a week to work with the kids and do fun OT-related play like swinging from ropes and such. There are only 8 kids in the room.

Our case worker brought TLC up today and said that he is "just what they are looking for" because they want to focus on speech only. It turns out that her office is who can recommend kids for the waiting list (yes, another). She said that she would fax in our information today. She was hopeful because she submitted 3 in March of last year who all got in, so this being a month earlier…

Oh, and did I mention through Early Intervention, IT’S FREE!!! Yes, FREE childcare with a 1:4 ratio provided by highly educated people. Holy shite!

I know nothing has started (or will for at least a month, it seems), but I feel like we’ve got Jude positioned to receive services. Not that we are guaranteed a spot at the TLC, but if we had waited a couple of months before contacting Early Intervention, there would have been NO chance that he would have made it in. The same goes for the other stuff. He’s closing in on 18 months and still not saying much of anything. If we had waited until he was officially 18 months, we would have been that much further down the list.

strawberry – I’m looking at you. Get on the lists. You can always cancel later…


So Jude, has a new word, "No!" He says this with enthusiasm and completely without regard to whether he is agreeing or not. If he bounces when he says No! then it usually means yes. As you may recall, Ba is Jude’s catch-all word to mean everything else.

Conversation with the TV the other day:

Leo from Little Einsteins: I like animals, do you like animals?
Jude: No! (bounce, bounce)
Leo: Me, too. What’s your favorite animal?
Jude: Ba!

Evaluation Results

 We got Jude’s assessment in the mail over the weekend. For you child development gurus, the test they did was the "Battelle Developmental Inventory 2nd Edition." According to the report, a child must score more than 1.5 standard deviations below the norm in a category to be eligible for services in that area. Jude scored -1.67 in expressive communication and thus did qualify for "early intervention services and consultative support from a speech pathologist." I have all of the numbers if they mean something to anyone.

The case worker is coming out tomorrow to go over it with us. I wanted to tell her that we know how to read and really don’t need her to come out again, but that seemed rude or against protocol or something.

I had been telling myself that I was just being proactive about Jude’s speech and that I wasn’t worried about it or anything. I shot that to hell today. Today at work a woman brought her son, Gage, in for a visit. He is almost exactly a month younger than Jude, so we are often chatting about what the kids are doing. I had never met him before, though. His Mom was doing some things at work and was out of sight a couple of times. Whenever she did this, he would calmly say "Mama?" and she would pop back in sight. It sounds ridiculous, but it really cut through me. Jude has never called me anything. If he was looking for me, he would have to cry or yell or grunt to get my attention. Gage had all sorts of words, but the Mama thing really got to me.

I think they will only cover one speech therapy session a month. I’m hoping my insurance covers some, but I think probably not. This is what my coverage book says:

Speech Therapy – In order to be considered a Covered Service, this therapy must be performed by a certified, licensed
therapist and be Medically Necessary due to a medical Condition such as:
• a congenital abnormality;
• a stroke;
• aphasia;
• dysphasia; or
• post-laryngectomy

I don’t know *exactly* what aphasia or dysphasia are. Would one of these be Jude?

This is in the "not covered" area:

54. Services provided in connection with autism, pervasive developmental disorders or learning disabilities except for
the purpose of diagnosis of the condition

I’m guessing they would throw speech therapy for a toddler into this area.

My work is switching insurance in July…

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