I told Megan earlier today that if she wanted anything to do with my tongue in the next 4 to 6 weeks, she had best make use of it in the next 18 hours or so and explained about the whole tongue piercing healing process. She looked intrigued for a bit, but now is a sleepin’ on the couch. I am choosing to think of it as “resting up” — we’ll see. Actually I should wake her up. I think she wants to go to a movie. I am hoping that “not another teen movie” is out now and that she would be interested in going.

I just stopped by the Geocaching site and 2 people have been to our cache already! That is SO exciting :) Stonehenge Cache

I told Megan that Jude and I hid it and wanted her to go find it. She wasn’t NEARLY as interested as should have been. *sigh*

Graduation and Piercing

Megan got her master’s degree this morning. Here are a couple of pics;
Megan Entering
Megan Getting Diploma
Megan In Front of the House

Afterwards, we went to lunch and then to get her ear pierced. I LOVE Piercology. The boy who did her ear is the same one who did Beth’s bellybutton. He said he would be there tomorrow to do my tongue. Yippie! He also gave me a 20% off coupon to use tomorrow. Double Yippie!

Getting ready to go to graduation. The girl got 2 hours of sleep last night due to grading papers. I’m trying to convince her to get her piercing(s) done today so that there will only be one of us in pain on a given day. Also, she can always know that she got that on the day that she got her master’s. I keep trying to call her Master, but she’ll have none of that….

Just signed up for a journal at 1000journals.com. I am getting #717. I thought this was a good number. The project is really nifty.

BTW- I got my books from freewords today. I gotta go leave them in libraries, etc. The books are a lot neater than I was expecting.

Found some piercing pictures. Not exactly what I was looking for, but enough to make me REALLY want to go ahead and get it done. *sigh*


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ah… rigid, bitchy and misunderstood — just what I f&%$ing expected

If I was a work of art, I would be Piet Mondrian’s Composition A.

I am rigidly organized and regimented, although my cold and unapproachable exterior hides a clever way of thinking and a rebellious and innovative nature. A lot of people don’t understand me, but I can still affect them on an emotional level.

Which work of art would you be? The Art Test

What a crapola day. Things sucked at work today. I was all headachy and things were stressful and uncooperative. Thank goodness for retail therapy. I dropped Meggie off at work and then hit JoAnne’s. That place is a sucking vortex of fuzzy material. I spent a ton, but when I thought about it, I didn’t spend more than I’ve made in the past week or so and I bought enough material to make quite a few beds. I went specifically to buy material that I already had so that I wouldn’t have to take more pictures, etc. They only had the confetti cat and one of the starry ones. I bought geckos and purple fleece and a couple of retro polka dotty things. Between the retail therapy and the Excedrin, I feel a lot better. *sigh*

OK, plan for tonight. 1) Wash new fabric, 2) get packages ready to go out tomorrow, 3) check out the TV programming (I think it sucks on Tues, tho), 4) distractedly contemplate dissertation, 5) possibly watch Goonies , 6) pick up the little chicken at 9, 7) dinner…, 8) decorate tree

Had dinner with 3 very cute girls last night (as well as 9 or so other people). We had a nice time. I even ate baklava. It probably wasn’t vegan, but damn, it was good. When Meggie and I got home, she put on Sarah M — a very good sign of things to come :)

I was SUPPOSED to go to UU this morning, but some loser didn’t work on her paper last night and pooped out on me. That’s OK. More time to loll about with my girl.

We are gonna go get a tannenbaum today. Just a wee one because we have a wee living room this year. Last year we bought a monster because we had the super-high victorian ceilings. Megan has been collecting 50’s ornaments this past year, so our tree should look fabu in our little 50’s house. I’ll post a picture once it is done.

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