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18″ Doll Skirt from a Shirt Sleeve

skirt from sleeve

Quinn has decided that she wants an American Girl doll for her birthday this year.  I think they are ridiculously expensive, but she has been consistent all year that this was her dearest wish.  She has an 18″ doll that we got several years ago at a church yard sale.  She is Tolly Tots brand, but looks very similar to the American Girl dolls and has been largely ignored.  I decided to clean her up and make her some clothes to see if Quinn will play with her and dress her and such.  It is sort of a test to see if she really is interested in one of these big girl dolls.  We got a wig brush and did her hair.  I got the ink marks off with rubbing alcohol and magic eraser.  I put an outfit (that she came with) on her and suddenly she was beautiful to Quinn.  The thing that cinched it is that Quinn named her.  Intoducing: Rose Petal

I looked around online for free doll clothes patterns and pinned quite a few things at Pinterest.  You might like to have a look at what is there.

I hit the thrift shop and picked up some clothes with some fabrics that I knew Quinn would like.  The first things that I made were a couple of t-shirts with this pattern..  I only followed the directions exactly the first time because I found my serger to be so much faster.  It was very helpful shape to have that shape for my first item.  Rose Petal is eagerly waiting to not be a nudist.

ready to sew

Biggest tip ever – If you can, ALWAYS cut your pattern to maintain the existing hem in the clothes.  You will save time and it will look more professional.

After this shirt, I cut the sleeve off of a silk blouse.  (For the record, I don’t think <i>I</i> have anything silk in my own clothes.)  I noticed that it fit around her.


I kept the angle of where the sleeve attached to the shirt and then sewed an elastic waistband into the other end (mid-sleeve).  You can see from the pictures, I didn’t do any pinning or worrying about the stitches.  I may regret that a tad, but my daughter never noticed.

elastic waistbandwaistband


Well, sort of. In these pics, the bottom isn’t hemmed and it was fraying like crazy, so I ended up running it through the sewing machine. Here she is in her new t-shirt and silk skirt.

Finished outfitFinished outfit

I hope you like this. It was super easy and my daughter thinks it is very fancy.

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