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How to Braid a Hair Wreath

Wreath Tutorial

I woke up on Solstice morning with the idea of braiding a wreath into Quinn’s hair. I didn’t look for any directions and just went for it. It was a little messier than I would have liked, but it think it turned out pretty well for a first attempt.  This is a great hairstyle for Christmas or Solstice celebrations.


View from the side.

1. Be sure to have your kiddo standing or sitting in a place that you can walk all the way around them.
2. I pulled her bangs back into a ponytail at the spot where I wanted the top of the wreath.
3. I split the ponytail in half and used the 2 sections as two of the 3 starting parts of my braid.
4. I picked up the third braid part from her head to lock in the top there.
5. Visualizing where I wanted the wreath to be, I did a regular French braid down the left side of the wreath, following the curve that I wanted. (a lefty may want to go the other way) I picked up hair on both sides like a regular braid.
6. Once you get to the bottom, only pick up hair from the outside of the wreath (one side). This will keep the unbraided hair in the middle smooth. You can see in the pictures that I didn’t figure this out until I was halfway across.
7. Once you are across the bottom, you will need to braid UP the other side. It’s not really hard, but it feels awkward.
8. Once you get back up to where you started, braid the hair out the rest of the way and put a holder on it.
9. Tuck the braid through the braid in the top to lock it in there. Follow the wreath and tuck it through the braid a few more times until you run out of hair. I think I did a total of three tucks and ran out at the very bottom.
10. When you run out, hide the end with a bobby pin.
11. I finished the bottom with a vertical barrette with a piece of ribbon.
12. As with anything like this, a good shellacking with hairspray will make it last longer.  Her braid lasted through package opening, an hour car ride and 4+ hours of romping with cousins.

If you are feeling extra festive, you can chalk the hair with some green chalk or wire in some holly berries.





Bad Hair

20120215-183822.jpgThe heart twists lasted for 2 days. I had high hopes that when I took them down that her hair would be full of cute curls. As you can see, I was VERY wrong.

What’s the upside? If you ever need to recreate a 70’s skank rocker chic, I have the perfect plan for you.

Someday she’ll hate me for posting these.



Valentine’s Day Heart Hair

I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest and decided to do it to Quinn’s hair for Valentine’s day. I didn’t have the topsy tail thing, so I just flipped the ponytail myself.

When it was done, I set it with 2 bobby pins and hairspray.

I made it red with chalk. I just ran the chalk under the faucet and colored it on. When it was red enough I set it with more hairspray so that the color would stay all day.






Chalking Quinn’s Hair

We saw hair chalking at Pinterest and knew Quinn would love it.  There are some videos at YouTube that were pretty helpful.  Also, this tutorial at (wait for it) Seventeen Magazine.  Basically you are going to buy some cheap art chalks (less that 10 bucks at Jo-Ann’s), wet the hair you want to color and rub the chalk on.  It’s a little messy, so rubber gloves and a towel around the neck are a good idea.  Well, the gloves should go on your hands, not around your neck, but you probably knew that.

Here is what she looked like with her hair wet.

Before I flat ironed it

I took the top layer of Quinn’s hair and pulled it up on top of her hair.  This made the color sort of peek-a-boo.  These pictures are a little out of order, but see:  Hair down on the left and up on the right.

You can't see the color when I drop the top part down.Pink and Purple under the back

Once I was done coloring, I combed and then flat ironed it.  It was supposed to “set” it, but I’m not sure that it did.  It did make it lay nicely.   When I brushed it, a cloud of chalk flew out.  I didn’t see this in any of the tutorials that I read elsewhere, but this inspired me to spray aerosol hairspray over the chalked hair to set it.   I sprayed the hair and then brushed while it was drying so that the individual strands were shellacked.  The chalk cloud stopped immediately and I think the color will stay in for at least tomorrow, but probably until we wash it.

Here are all the colors with the hair still pulled up.  Green, black (her personal favorite because it is “like Snow White,” pink/red and then a tiny smidge of the purple.

All the colors with her top layer of hair still up

Final Results!

Table Vert - Represent!Purple on this side

EDIT – Not to be out-done, here is Jude with some blue to match his eyes.

New Hair

Hope's new hair - front view I really can’t decide if I like it or not.  On one hand, I like the length, but on the other hand, it looks NOTHING like the picture I went in with.  I was at the hair place for TWO hours.  I am fairly certain that this was the first haircut that my person had given.  She really took her time and was very precise about things.  After every step she would go and get her instructor to check her work and then give further instructions.
My only real disappointment is that there are SO MANY layers.  (see above)  I was imagining bigger, chunkier layers instead of the sort of “weed whacker” effect that I ended up with.

Sorry the pictures are fadey — cell phone, ya know?

Hope's new hair - angle view
Hope's new hair - side view Poor Megan and Quinn waited the whole time (we were anticipating a half hour or 45 minutes).  Quinn was good the whole time, in no small part due to lots of entertainment by Megan.  The people working at the clinic LOVED her.  This one instructor was threatening to steal her.  Sort of charming, but not really.  They kept oogling at her and making her squeal.  I felt bad for anyone there that didn’t want to have to listen to a happy baby.

I imagine in a couple of weeks the layers will grow together some and I won’t even think about it.  In the meantime, it’s been crazy not getting Quinn tangled up in my hair.

Oh, and Megan got HERS cut yesterday.  She went in sans baby because we thought it would take a long time again.  She scored an almost-graduate and was done in an hour.  Pics at flickr (and possibly at her blog if she posts them).

Chop chop

Megan got us a last-minute appointment at the Aveda school for The Big Chop. My hair has grown a ton since the last time I got it cut (hmmm… when was that exactly?… Oh yeah, I was pregnant so it must’ve been like September or so). Here it is now:

Take your child to work day

The shedding is slowing a bit. Have I mentioned the shedding? Those pregnancy hormones got turned off and have made my hair commit suicide all over the house. I lose more hair in the shower than some folks have on their whole heads. My hair is EVERYWHERE. My poor, poor baby is constantly tangled in bits of my hair that she got herself wrapped up in while squirming and rolling across the floor. But as I mentioned, it seems to be slowing.

The new issue is a TON of 6 inch long hair that must’ve sprouted when I got pregnant that create an obnoxious halo that no amount of Sleek N Shine can take care of. It also mostly seems to be white hair, too. le sigh

Here are the picks that I’m going in with. One is an old haircut of mine (obviously) and one is from one of those haircut sites. I’m thinking of some sort of hybrid. I’m thinking sort of shoulderish length with some long layers. Basically, anything that is higher than my boobs is A OK with me. Quinn’s new hobby when nursing is trying to yank out as much remaining hair as possible. Ouch! A haircut and our new nursing necklace should help with that.

Wish me luck!

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